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Production site 2

proizvodstvennaya_ploshadka_2_konfeti.jpgChocolate and biscuits shops are equipped with the modern equipments which produce many strategic products.

Thanks to modernization of equipment for confectionery products in shops additional producing of large quantity of innovative products became possible.

Manufacture of qualitive chocolate - aerobatics of confectionery art. To get a bar of gentle milk or dark chocolate, it is necessary to use high-quality chocolate mass which producing is possible only by means of the modern equipment.

Our technological base gives us the possibility to produce chocolate products which meet to world standards. Particularly these are two lines of Swiss concern "Buhler" - for manufacturing of chocolate masses and bar chocolate. The given equipment provides technology of dry conching of chocolate masses, considerably improving their quality due to increase of fineness degree.

In 2005 the enterprise implemented the production of aerated chocolate. For today aerated chocolate is widely presented in product line and has higher demand among consumers.  

Milk and dark chocolate are produced at the factory. Scientists have opened many years ago positive influence of dark chocolate on cardiovascular and nervous system of a person. Dietitians of all world recommend to the people who are carefully look after health, to include in the daily diet dark chocolate.

The content of cocoa-products in milk chocolate of TM “Dominic” is 33 %, in dark chocolate is from 60 to 85 %, depending on assortment group.


The chocolate assortment includes about 60 names of products.

The moderate price policy marks out the factory among other manufacturers of confectionery products in Ukraine and abroad. 

proizvodstvennaya_plohadka_2_shokolad.jpgOur company, the first in Ukraine, has started production of 200-gramms chocolate and also release of aerated 120-gramme chocolate was a market novelty. Besides chocolate is produced in 100g, 50g and 32g bars.

A range of chocolate «Dominic» - a vivid example of successful combination of creative search of factory technologists and possibilities of the modern equipment. Product line totals about 30 names of chocolate «Dominic»: milk and dark with different additions and flavorings.

The special place in assortment range is occupied with chocolate «Dominic Premium». For today it is a courageous decision in the field of the variety of flavorings.

A range of thematic chocolate "Poltava",  "Dominic - Children's", "For charming women", "For sweethearts from «Dominic», «Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!», «Happy Easter!» expand the assortment of chocolate and gives the chance to offer a perfect gift for a holiday. Gourmets will estimate chocolate with sparkling caramel.

Also at the enterprise classical kinds of chocolate are produced: «Olenka», "Seagull" which already for a long time have stable demand. This chocolate is presented simultaneously in several formats that allow enlarging a sphere of its consumption.

proizvodstvennaya_ploshadka_2_figurni_shokolad.jpgChocolate in the form of chocolate eggs with toys and chocolate hollow figures is also produced in chocolate shop. Except bar and figured chocolate the shop produces praline and fondant sweets with different fillings.  Traditional chocolates “Hazel flavour”,  "Three hunters"  enlarge assortment.

proizvodstvennaya_ploshadka_2_saharnoe_pechenie.jpgExcept chocolate products more than forty kinds of various sugar biscuits were started. The Italian equipment of "Laser" company allows to improve constantly in the field of quality and to diversify forms of products. Additional possibilities of the equipment gave a good result for assortment increase of biscuits. In biscuits shop fancy and oat biscuits are produced. It is produced with different fillings, and also glazed, partly glazed and with sprinklings. Biscuits «Harmony of the East», «Dominic» mobilka» in sugar, «Colombina» in sugar, «Sakura Flower» are in higher demand among consumers.  Products of healthy food - muesli base bars enlarge the assortment.

proizvodstvennaya_ploshadka_2_draje.jpgOur factory has a unique line for production of an original product - a dragee.